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It’s been a while since the last post but I am slowly getting back on track after the triple shock from the arrival of a new family member, a new house and a new office (which all happened within a week during the summer). For a starter, a selection of interesting links from the last two months:

Animals have morals. Brought to you by one of my academic heroes.

Abuses of public budgeting for election purposes. 1) Find a black hole item in the budget. 2) Put all budget cuts there. 3) Brag that you have solved the budget deficit problem.

Statistics bring emotions. Probably faked, but still nice to see.

When do academic do their work?  At night, at during weekends, too.

Watercolor your scatterplots. Yammy. Here as well.

Fractals in nature (as seen from Google Earth). By Paul Bourke

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