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Month: January 2013


After a not-so-short hiatus during which I visited friends and family in Bulgaria, went through a couple of seasonal colds, and got a new workstation up and running (MacBook Pro with W7), I am finally back to the blog. As a warm-up, a bunch of interesting links you might have missed during January: The art of procrastination¬†(surprisingly effective) Why students don’t learn Modeling the spread of rumours¬†(in the digital age) Visualizing the connections between the artists who developed abstract art Coursera starts a free course on Social Network Analysis (with R) Calls for more science-based policy making coming from the UK What happens when you take you econometric results too seriously¬† What’s like to spend 40 years in the Siberian taiga (if you understand Russian, watch the amazing videos about the story) Coral by Fleix Salazar [via Colossal]