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Tag: public policy

COVID-19 and mobility around the world

2020 has been a crazy year with unprecedented changes in what we do, where we go, and how much time we spend at home. The Google Community Mobility Reports data provides a great resource for tracking changes in mobility since the beginning of 2020 in various countries, provinces and cities around the world. But the data is not easy to use in order to compare changes in mobility between different places. That’s why I built two interactive web applications that allow the user to select the countries and time periods of interest, and get directly a plot comparing the trends. Moreover, I coupled the mobility data with data from the Oxford COVID-19 Government Response Tracker to show the impact of policy changes on mobility. The first app compares countries around the world. The second one compares Dutch provinces. I update the apps when new mobility data becomes available. Comments and feature requests are welcome.

Books on public policy

This is a list of recommended books on public policy, including introductory textbooks and more advanced texts, including handbooks and books on more specific topics within the field of public policy analysis. Introductory textbooks: Knill, C., & Tosun, J. (2012). Public policy: A new introduction. Macmillan International Higher Education. Howlett, M., Ramesh, M., & Perl, A. (2009). Studying public policy: Policy cycles and policy subsystems (Third Edition). Oxford: Oxford university press.  John, P. (2013). Analyzing public policy. Routledge. Hill, M., & Varone, F. (2014). The public policy process. Routledge. Cairney, P. (2011). Understanding public policy: Theories and issues. Macmillan International Higher Education. Howlett, M. (2019). Designing public policies: Principles and instruments. Routledge. Advanced books: Goodin, R. E., Moran, M., & Rein, M. (2006). The Oxford handbook of public policy (Vol. 6). Oxford Handbooks. Sabatier, P. A., & Weible, C. M. (Eds.). (2014). Theories of the policy process. Westview Press. Baumgartner, F. R., & Jones, B. D. (2015). The politics of information: Problem definition and the course of public policy in America. University of Chicago Press. Jones, B. D., & Baumgartner, F. R. (2005). The politics of attention: How government prioritizes problems. University of Chicago Press. Writing for public policy: Smith, C., & Pasqualoni, M. (2019). Writing Public Policy: A Practical Guide to Communicating in the Policy Making Process. Oxford University Press.