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The International Journal of Indexing

This just needs to be re-posted [from Kottke]: [F]or the Society of Indexers, book indices are a topic that holds endless fascination. And I do mean endless. The Prime Minister of England wrote to the Society of Indexers at the society’s founding back in freaking 1958. “I can scarcely conceal from you the fact that I am at present somewhat occupied with other matters, so that I cannot say all that comes into my mind and memory on the subject of indexing.” … One of the longest running features of the society’s publication, The Indexer, is its reviews of indices which are snippets culled from book reviews that pertain to the book’s index… They also regularly publish articles that meditate on what it means to be an index, defend indexing, and a look at the history of indexing societies. These guys should definitely be invited to the World Congress on Referencing Styles.